Frontier #3: Sascha Hommer


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This issue of Frontier features the comics of talented German cartoonist Sascha Hommer. This will mark his first North American publication! Sascha Hommer is a talented and funny cartoonist, author of Insekt, Dri Chinisin, Vier Augen, and a number of short comics for publications such as ORANG, CityTales Blog, and Strapazin.

Frontier #3: Sascha Hommer features 3 short stories: "Drifter," "Transit," and "The Black Lord." These comics were adapted into English by frequently Drawn & Quarterly translator Helge Dascher, and lettered by Sascha himself!


"It is the kind of comic to which one will return two or three times after thinking what you'll get from it will be exhausted. If you see it, buy it."
- Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter

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