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Youth in Decline is a publisher of lovely and strange comics & zines based out of San Francisco, California.

If you have an idea for a publication that you want to share, please see the "Submissions Guidelines" section of the About Us page.

In addition to publishing our own books, Ryan occasionally edits, translates, and contributes random essays and ephemera to other publications and sites. See Other Projects for details.


Comics & Graphic Novels

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RAV 1ST COLLECTION by Mickey Zacchilli

"RAV 1st Collection" collects the first five issues of RAV, Mickey Zacchilli's mysterious, hilarious, and romantic (!?) adventure comic + bonus materials. Follow the thrilling story of Juice, Sally, The Snake Prince, and a sordid cast of dorks, punks, and domesticated animals from the very beginning!

Step into Mickey Z's world over at her website.


RAV 2ND COLLECTION by Mickey Zacchilli

RAV is an Epic Classic of American Cartooning. This chunky tome collects the second installment of Mickey Zacchilli’s sprawling and hilarious opus.

Follow Juice and Sally as they explore the Meat Cave and navigate a hilarious web of bizarre friends, lovers, and enemies. Along the way, hang out with jilted boyfriend Edward the Snake Prince, sexy meddler Main Marian, smiling Rolo, power-hungry Ben, and the mysterious Mothball the Cat. Also, there’s a mysterious pouch and a weird power cube.

Indigo ink on a rainbow of yellow pages, 392 pages. 1lb 6oz.


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Dream Tube by Rebekka Dunlap

Dream Tube by Rebekka Dunlap is the first collection of work by cartoonist and illustrator, Rebekka Dunlap. These comics effortlessly jaunt from colonized interstellar space to a Brooklyn witch's loft party restroom to the emotional geometry of a couple's private life.

Includes the comics: "Brooklyn Witch Tweets," "Cities And Spaces And," and "Colony." 114 pages, Softcover. Indigo blue on cream paper. ISBN: 978-0-9905186-3-1


Snackies by Nick Sumida

Snackies is a hilarious and earnest look into the brain + heart + soul of Nick Sumida. Featuring gags and real talk, Snackies collects the work of his two risograph minicomics, along with 24 pages of exclusive new strips.

See more funnies by Nick on his Tumblr.

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Ongoing Series

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Frontier is a quarterly art and comics monograph series, with each issue highlighting a new artist's exciting and challenging work.



Thickness was a short-lived but impactful erotic anthology, featuring short, smutty comics and pin-ups by the rising stars of indie comics.


Electric Ant Zine

Electric Ant Zine is an ongoing personal series featuring interviews, articles, comics, art, and essays - a mix-tape of cultural detritus!