Frontier #2: Hellen Jo


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Who are these teenage girls that have taken over the streets of Bad City, and what do they want?!

Frontier #2: Hellen Jo features 32 full-color pages of paintings, pencils, and notebook scribbling by Hellen Jo.

Hellen Jo is a cartoonist & illustrator from the Bay Area, now working in Los Angeles. For more about her work, check out her site.


"Somewhere between a monograph and a comic book, the slim volume packs a powerful punch with its non-traditional narrative structure and its dazzling images that manage to be both playful and incredibly cool. There’s a raw artistic nerve and attitude that come through in these pages and in the accompanying interview." - Jeppe Mulich, Filth & Fabulations

"this is really cool, it reminds me of the hernandez brothers a little bit but its not creepy and its super beautiful. theres also a yoshitaka amano quality to the faces im really down with this"
- The musician Grimes on her Tumblr

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