x Electric Ant Zine #2: Empire by Anthony Ha & Anthony Wu

"Empire" by Anthony Ha and Anthony Wu

The feature comic from Electric Ant Zine #2, an entire space opera told through a single man's life.

Story by Anthony Ha, Illustrated by Anthony Wu

[[slideshow style="5" manual="yes"]] http://thickness.me/ydsite/electricant/empire/page1.jpg http://thickness.me/ydsite/electricant/empire/page2.jpg http://thickness.me/ydsite/electricant/empire/page3.jpg http://thickness.me/ydsite/electricant/empire/page4.jpg http://thickness.me/ydsite/electricant/empire/page5.jpg http://thickness.me/ydsite/electricant/empire/page6.jpg http://thickness.me/ydsite/electricant/empire/page7.jpg [[/slideshow]]

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