Frontier #15: Tatsuro Kiuchi


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Tatsuro Kiuchi has an unparalleled eye for capturing the subtle and sublime details of moments in one’s daily life, whether a quiet domestic tenderness between a couple, or the feeling of traveling through a wide open landscape.

For our first issue of Frontier 2018, Tatsuro Kiuchi has created a series of new work inspired by his frequent motorcycle trips around the countryside outside of Tokyo. These new pieces are paired with lush, colorful paintings of travel and transit.

32 pages, Color and B+W, with author interview.

Tatsuro Kiuchi is an illustrator living and working in Tokyo. He has created work for such varied clients such as Royal Mail, Starbucks, and numerous publications. Tatsuro is the author of the picture book “The Lotus Seed” and the comic “The Earthling.” He is the owner of studio PEN STILL WRITES and teaches illustration at AOYAMAJUKU.

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