Dream Tube by Rebekka Dunlap


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Dream Tube is the first collection of work by cartoonist and illustrator, Rebekka Dunlap. These comics effortlessly jaunt from colonized interstellar space to a Brooklyn witch's loft party restroom to the emotional geometry of a couple's private life.

Welcome to Dream Tube, the fantastical home of a strong new voice in contemporary comics.

Includes the comics: "Brooklyn Witch Tweets," "Cities And Spaces And," and "Colony." 114 pages, Softcover. Indigo blue on cream paper. ISBN: 978-0-9905186-3-1

Rebekka Dunlap is an Illustrator from the Pacific Northwest who currently lives in Brooklyn.

"There's at least one amazing idea on every single page of Dream Tube. It's a packed, relentlessly inventive book."
- Sam Alden (Author of New Construction, It Never Happened Again)

"Dunlap is remarkably skilled as both illustrator and cartoonist."
- Rob Clough, High-Low Comics

"Dunlap is a fiercely talented cartoonist whose talents are well suited to abstract narrative."
- Tim O'Neil, The AV Club