Image of Frontier 2019 Subscription zoom Sold Out
Image of Frontier 2019 Subscription zoom Sold Out
Image of Frontier 2019 Subscription zoom Sold Out
Image of Frontier 2019 Subscription zoom Sold Out
Image of Frontier 2019 Subscription zoom Sold Out

Frontier 2019 Subscription

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(Subscription will be available until end of day on April 14th, 2019 )

Frontier is a quarterly art and comics monograph series, with each issue shining a spotlight on the work of a single artist. Purchase a subscription means we'll send you each of the 4 issues throughout the year for a flat fee, as well as surprise goodies. The first issue arrives in May, and the last issue in December.

In 2018, Frontier won the Ignatz Award for "OUTSTANDING SERIES" and according to The AV Club, "has quickly made a name for itself as one of the most interesting anthologies currently running." Previous issues have featured new works by Rebecca Sugar, Richie Pope, Jillian Tamaki, Lauren R. Weinstein, Michael DeForge, Emily Carroll, Eleanor Davis, Hellen Jo, and many more — showcasing the most interesting established & rising creators from across comics, illustration, animation, and other fields.

For this year, we have an incredible line-up of exciting creators:
  • Frontier #19: Hannah Waldron
  • Frontier #20: Derek Yu
  • Frontier #21: Anatola Howard
  • Frontier #22: Tunde Adebimpe

We have a few purchasing options available, organized by country:

The PRINT ONLY subscription includes:
  • Each new quarterly issue in 2018, mailed to you (at a discounted price, with all shipping costs included)
  • A physical "WAYWARD YOUTH 2019" Frontier membership card
  • Random goods and surprises with your orders (previous years included stickers, temporary tattoos, a behind-the-scenes zine!)
The DIGITAL ONLY subscription includes:
  • Each new quarterly issue as a downloadable, DRM-free PDF
  • A physical "WAYWARD YOUTH 2019" Frontier membership card mailed to you

The PRINT + DIGITAL subscription includes all all of the above, the print issues, the goodies, the membership card AND downloadable DRM-free PDFs.

🔥OUR 2019 ARTISTS 🔥:

HANNAH WALDRON is an multidisciplinary artist and designer living and working in the UK. She creates graphic and narrative work across a range of media from print to textiles, at both a personal and architectural scale. Hannah has found weaving to be a natural process to complement her grid-based designs.

For Frontier, Hannah will be presenting new weavings, as well as some important pieces from the past few years. In the issue and accompanying interview, Hannah will share commentary on the inspirations, themes, and process behind her incredible work.

DEREK YU is a game designer, artist, and cartoonist working in San Francisco. He is the creator of many games, including the award-winning Spelunky (2012), Spelunky Classic (2009), and Aquaria (2007), as well as the forthcoming Spelunky 2 and UFO50. In 2016, he wrote the book "Spelunky," which delved into his design philosophy.

Derek is a one of our oldest comics friends, coming up with a Bay Area crew of cartoonists that included Hellen Jo, Calvin Wong, and Anthony Wu. For Frontier, Derek will share art, designs, and commentary from his early games, prototypes, and abandoned projects. The issue will give a unique look under the hood of an influential and groundbreaking designer's creative process.

ANATOLA HOWARD is an incredible animator and cartoonist, who is currently a 3rd year character animation student at CalArts. She is the author of the collection "What Are You Thinking About" from ShortBox, the creator of shorts such as "Lunch With Me Today" and "Giraffe Soup," and has contributed comics to a number of anthologies. She also created the game, "Maggie's Apartment."

For her Frontier, Anatola will be showing off her lush and fantastical style with a new one-shot comic. I am extremely excited to share new work from one of the most talented and interesting young creators I've ever seen.

TUNDE ADEBIMPE is an artist and musician living in Los Angeles. Tunde is a founding member and lead singer of the band TV on the Radio, as well as a solo artist and frequent collaborator with musicians across various genres. A talented painter and multidisciplinary artist, Tunde recently exhibited his work at Noh/Wave Gallery.

Prior to his success in music, Tunde was known among our friends for creating rad minicomics back in New York. Frontier is incredibly excited for Tunde's return to his zinemaking roots, with a collection of his latest comics, portraits, and paintings.

  • When checking out, please ensure your shipping address is current and correct so we can get the books to you
  • If you change your address during the year (or generally have questions about the subscription) please contact Youth in Decline via the Contact page.
  • I know that shipping is really pricy for folks outside of the US... this sucks (!) but we have no control over it... it costs more than $7 to ship a single Frontier to Europe or Asia. Buying the subscription does save you ~$8 vs. buying individually throughout the year!
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